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Creating the Perfect Interior

Everyone wants to have a home in which they can feel comfortable and relaxed, but many people don't know where to start when it comes to interior design. If you have some vague ideas about the kind of interior you want, but no idea how to turn them into reality, then our site can help. Working with an interior designer is a great way to get the space of your dreams. Before you look for a designer, you can develop some ideas of your own by checking out the posts on our site. We have plenty of material to inspire you.


Creating the Perfect Interior

Luxury Interior Design: Remodelling Your Home on a Budget

Louella Shelton

If you are interested in luxury interior design for your home remodel, consult an expert for guidance. Often, the cost of hiring a professional seems like an unnecessary expense. However, this choice will minimise the risk of making major design mistakes. Keep in mind that amateur work will decrease the value of your home, and the mistakes are difficult to fix. A qualified consultant will create a custom plan to promote the best outcome. If you are set on handling the home improvement project due to budget limitations, consider these tips for luxury interior design.

Choose a Colour Theme

The use of numerous colours in your interior space will make your home appear chaotic and disorganised. This look is favoured for those interested in an eclectic and lived-in design. However, if you would like to ensure sophistication, you must stick to a simple colour scheme. The easiest choice for a homeowner on a budget is neutral hues like white, brown and grey. The décor does not have to be completely monochromatic. Consider incorporating textured and patterned features. However, ensure that the hues will blend in with the chosen colour scheme. If you choose a bold or bright colour scheme, avoid alternative clashing shades.

Manage the Clutter

When designing your luxury space, plan for the management of future clutter. Often, homeowners develop a design that looks good for a short period after the remodel. However, the poor consideration of real-life activities and needs leads to the house becoming messy over time. Your interior design should include both the creation and maintenance of elegance and sophistication. If you have not begun your remodel, assess your house and find the sources of clutter. For example, magazines, cables, keys and coats are tossed around living spaces. Incorporate features like hooks, bookshelves and drawers of baskets for keeping the mess organised or hidden from sight.

Improve the Lighting

The right lighting will make your home feel new. Therefore, consider your options for increasing light flow during the remodel. If you are open to extensive renovation, consider increasing natural light flow. For instance, widening windows or installing a skylight would be beneficial. However, if you are only interested in core interior design, focus on artificial lighting. Choose both ambient and work lights for all your spaces. Minimise dark and shadowy corners through strategic lamp placement. If your house is small, you can open it up and make it brighter by investing in mirrored surfaces. Additionally, choose attractive lights and bulbs as part of the décor. 

Reach out to a luxury interior designer for more assistance.